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Final of Star Search 4

Junior Singer
I voted for Spensha Baker. Even though I think Mark Mejia could be the new King of Pop, he didn't seem to bring it today. Also, I wasn't comfortable with the song chosen for him or for Kevin Francis. In contrast, Spensha seemed to be singing from the heart. Nonetheless, Mark Mejia is a worthy champion based on his earlier performance.

Young Dancer
I voted for Jon Bond and Jon Cruz equally. Jon Cruz impressed me with his athleticism. Jon Bond impressed me with his artistry. The styles were so different, it was like comparing apples and oranges. Jon Cruz was a good choice for champion, but I think Jon Bond has a greater career ahead of him.

Adult Singer
I voted for Jake Simpson. Both tonight and the previous time I saw and heard him, he blew me away. I'm with Naomi Judd on this one. Come to Nashville, Jake!
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